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The Beauty Of Coffee: A Look At Cafe Paramito

Tall green plants grow in rows along mountainsides dotted with red and green fruit, hand picked and placed in baskets by those working the field. The first thought is of a wine vineyard in the South of France or Coastal California. But, one would be wrong. It’s about coffee, something just as wonderful and romantic as the misty vineyards people see in the movies and on magazine covers. And, just as it’s special to find that fine bottle of wine from a little vineyard tucked away on the warm slopes of Sonoma valley or the cool hills of Mosel, Germany, you can find that special coffee bean grown on a family estate in Kenya or the Island of Java.

The Paramito plantation in Columbia has such a coffee bean. The plantation is split into smaller lots, which are mostly farmed by those that live on the land. This is a common practice in many of the finest coffee producers of the world. Even the famed Kono coffee of Hawaii- one of the most expensive coffees in the world- is grown on the land, and very much in the back yards, of the people who farm the beans, small plots of land in a greater collective passed down from generation to generation.

The Paramito plantation sits high in the Andes Mountains in perfect growing conditions. The coffee is 100% shade grown, meaning the growers leave the natural forest and trees to grow throughout the...


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