phenobii (phenobii) wrote in indie_baristas,

Hello from Rutland, VT!

I'm Phen,...a recently new addition to the staff of Clem's Cafe in Rutland, Vermont. I have made a point to research the local competition here in town as far as presenting a drinkable coffee or Esspresso, and I feel I bring something good to the table for each of us here in my community. I was a bit surprised to see so many exclamations of wonder at my latte etchings, ad Macchiatto art. It seems noone here has seen much of this and I find my afternoons and evenings filled with new customers, and greater tips. It's truly great to sling coffee here at Clem's! As a budding Barista I am pleased with the breadth and girth of the coffee world. I look forward to learning much from each of YOU my new friends!
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